Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snacks and Snow

It's been snowing for two days now.....It creeps me out.....Even though I have no plans to go anywhere because of the crap snow I couldn't go anywhere if I wanted to...So, my daughter and I are dressed in our pajamas, lounging around....She's reading Ethan Frome and I'm eating and drawing and watching junk TV......Snowstorm trapped eating is when I am at my best...I make the best things to eat....My daughter just peers over the top of her book and hides half her face, the half that is smiling at my culinary inventions....I slammed down a little healthy no sugar real orange juice jello....Does that taste like crap !!!!! All natural, no dyes, no chemical additives......What the hell???? Anyway, I downed that then got a can of full cream whipped cream and filled up the jello container with whipped cream and ate it until the can was empty.....I love whipped cream......I like squirting it on my pointer finger and eating it off.....It was one of the first food tricks I taught all my kids when they were little and nice....Then I found two meatballs leftover in a pan of lasagna I made and I put them in a cup and nuked them......Now I have a stomach ache and I'm full and I wish it would stop snowing.....Later I'm going to write about some nit who sent me a convo on Etsy sort of threatening me because I refuse to answer any questions people ask that are in my shop announcement and in about 3 to 5 places in my policies, etc.....Reading is fundamental......She should learn that....Now some pictures.......

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