Thursday, February 3, 2011

Mrs Mastroni's Art in My House Room 1... The Front Room

Okay, I told Mrs Mastroni AKA Sandy that I would take some pictures of her art which I collect and I have in every room in my house.....It's like a Mastroni Museum here...Part 1 Room 1 is my front room...Here goes......


Sandy Mastroni said...

I LOVE seeing all my crap at your house
Your house looks SO interesting
I like seeing my art next to your art > looks really good
THANKS Budweena
hey .... did you sneeze on the Bunny ?

I really enjoyed this tour of your home . I enlarged the photos to see MORE
very cool

cathychhetri said...

Thanks Mrs Mastroni.....It wasn't the entire house, just the front room..More rooms this weekend...I think the husband or Maris or someone spilled something on Bunny...Now Bunny has the pox...