Monday, May 3, 2010

Spring and the end of school and the beginning of a barbeque tour......

I am counting the days till school is over for my daughter this year and I don't have to get my butt out of bed at 5 AM for a few months......There is nothing nice or pretty or good about 5 in the morning.....Except, maybe, that I'm still alive.....I'm thinking of taking a barbeque tour this summer.....Just getting in the car and driving to barbeque places.....My daughter doesn't eat barbequed anything so that will save me some money and I can buy more food for myself......She likes vegetables.....We can get her some by the side of the road or we could raid people's gardens on our tour.....It sounds like a great plan.....I quit all the other online places I was selling my art.....Now it's just sitting there on Etsy, not selling but lots of people looking at it and several copycats.....I'm now thinking of Etsy as my own personal art museum with all the people looking at my stuff......To the people trying to copy my drawings I say, you really have to try harder........hahahaaaaaaaa

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