Tuesday, January 6, 2009


I ate some pork cutlets with rosemary and garlic the other night so I'm feeling great...I also went to the big freezer which I have out in the shed and checked out how many pork roasts and packages of bacon are in there because a snowstorm is coming this way tomorrow and I could be stranded without pork
and I'm just over the moon...5 pork roasts and 5 packages of thick cut bacon.....One of the pork roasts is over two feet long...I pretended I was having a big dinner party when I bought it, yeah, right, as if I would share pork.....I consider that two footer a snack......I also did some drawings and my husband is here and I managed to get him to eat between meals.....He's English and doesn't believe in eating between meals......A stockup of pork products in the freezer, some drawings finished and getting my husband to try my bad eating habits is just a great start to the new year.....Life is good.....The photo was taken in England........


Sandy Mastroni said...

Oh geez
You make me laugh so hard
you are a DORK for PORK

and I love these drawings
love the face with the blue background
you bud dork

cathychhetri said...

Thanks Bud..I'm glad to hear you liked the drawings...No one else seems to like them besides you and I..The Buds