Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Etsy Treasury

I was featured in another Etsy treasury today....I appreciate that someone put one of my drawings in their treasury..I also find it very funny because for some reason I always lose some hearts when I'm in a treasury and also I have been on the front page twice and have been in about 30 treasuries and I have sold only 5 things on Etsy....I have over 600 people who have hearted me.....So, in my warped mind I find it funny, especially when you read about people wanting so badly to be on the front page...It really doesn't help your sales.....Well, it doesn't help MY sales.....Here are some more new drawings.....I'm thinking about having a giveaway of a print of one of my drawings...Mrs Mastroni might have finally convinced me....BUT, seeing as no one else has left any comments here I would have to give myself or Mrs Mastroni the print......I already have enough of my art so I'm out of the contest.....That leaves Jerry or Sandy.........I just realized I posted one of these drawings yesterday.....Oh well, I have no idea how to get it off of here and no one is reading my blog anyway so I'll just leave it here.......


Sandy Mastroni said...

give it a way to yourself
ha ha ha ha
that's always my fear [ that no one will even want it ]
but this is what Jerry says :
do a give a way and

[ you're way too funny ]

cathychhetri said...

You and Jerry are my only blog followers......You have to be rewarded in some way...I'm worried though if I do have a giveaway and Jerry wins that you won't give him his prize......